Hi, I’m Chrissy Rose Kruger-Gruendyke. But you can call me Chrissy.

I have a very special super power to share with you. It is the ability to capture you as the beautiful, smart, energetic and sexy person that you are. I am a photographer. My super power is bringing out of you what makes you special.

My mission in life and in work is to empower kickass women and build an inspiring community by celebrating what makes each woman special and unique.

A kickass woman is strong. She is following her own pursuit and passion in life. She loves her life, but finds it difficult to find the motivation and time to celebrate what makes her special and unique.

You, are that woman and I want to remind you of that. How long has it been? She is still there, I promise. Let’s bring her to life again.

Chrissy Kruger-Gruendyke is a portrait and wedding photographer in the Milwaukee area since 2010. She is married and has one daughter. You can usually find Chrissy sipping a chai latte, smiling enthusiastically and throwing optimism around like confetti.

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