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'Milwaukee Women Boudoir Stories: Chapter 1, My Story | Milwaukee Empowerment Photography

Milwaukee Women Boudoir Stories: Chapter 1, My Story | Milwaukee Empowerment Photography

Guess what internet world?  I am a boudoir photographer!  Yes, I take those kinds of pictures of women and I couldn’t be more proud of it.  Because here is the secret to those kinds of photos: the experience has very little to do with outward appearance and everything to do with a woman’s inner strength.  I have first hand knowledge…I have had boudoir photos taken of me on two separate occasions and I plan to keep doing it. As a boudoir photographer, I have heard some of the most amazing stories behind the why women have these photos taken of them. Their stories are so inspiring and I am incredibly honored to have been chosen as their photographer.  As you can imagine, most women are reluctant to allow me to share their intimate, beautiful photos from our sessions.  So instead I asked them if they would allow me to share their stories. A few agreed and I am starting a blog series to tell those stories.  I determined it was only fair if I shared my own first and here I am.  The women (and me) also posed for two additional photos to add as a visual component to their story.  The first is them sharing their why and the second is them telling me how they felt as a result.  This series is nothing short of empowering and I hope you will enjoy.

'Jessica | Milwaukee Boudoir Photography

Jessica | Milwaukee Boudoir Photography

I love boudoir photography sessions.  Working with women in this way is so empowering for both of us.  I get to coach women to reclaim and appreciate her body in a fun, soft and romantic way.  Many times a woman books a boudoir session with her man in mind for Valentine’s Day or perhaps for her groom-to-be.  But in the end the resulting experience becomes all about her.

'I am finally offering Boudoir! | Milwaukee boudoir photography

I am finally offering Boudoir! | Milwaukee boudoir photography

I love being a woman!  All the crazy, hilarious, loving and sensual things that make us women are incredible.  I also love empowering women.  God knows, we face enough throughout an average day that brings us down instead of props us up.  It is a personal mission of mine to do my part to support, champion and applaud other amazing women.   I hope to do this in my personal life as well as through my photography.  I cannot imagine any better style of photography to do this then through boudoir.