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'Sarah & Matthew | Milwaukee Engagement Photography

Sarah & Matthew | Milwaukee Engagement Photography

There is nothing quite as romantic as witnessing a couple’s love come full circle. Sarah Ratdke and Matthew Wotjowski met during a chance encounter on a night out with friends. There are many things that could have gone differently that night: Matthew could have decided to have a quiet night in or Sarah could have had other plans. As fate would have it though, the two ended up in the same place at the same time and one caught the other’s eye. Matthew proposed to Sarah in the same place where they had their first date, and they contacted me for their Milwaukee engagement photos to help capture this special time.

'Ted & Kate | Klode Park, Milwaukee Engagement Photographer

Ted & Kate | Klode Park, Milwaukee Engagement Photographer

The evening that I met with Ted and Kate for their engagement photos at Klode Park in Whitefish Bay, beautiful fall color was everywhere.  It was absolutely the kind of evening to wrap eachother in a blanket and enjoy all the color that so vibrantly surrounded us.  What an evening it was…from the loving looks and sweet hugs to the laughter they shared.  It was a genuine glimpse into what was in store for these two on their wedding day and beyond. 

'Roger & Samantha | Downtown Milwaukee Calatrava Engagement

Roger & Samantha | Downtown Milwaukee Calatrava Engagement

Downtown Milwaukee always looks its absolute best on summer nights.  Life is happening everywhere and the beauty is reflected in the waters of Lake Michigan.  We face east looking over the lake waters, but even though the sun is setting behind us somehow the water still catches the light from the sky for a magical finale of the day… even looking east.  It also helps that the spectacular downtown Milwaukee skyline features noteable structures like the Calatrava.  As well there is so much to do downtown in the summer months.  We all want to be outside enjoying all that the city has to offer.  I love when I can creatively incorporate everything I love about Milwaukee into my photography.  It is especially fun when it is an engagement session.

'Dan & Stephanie | Third Ward Milwaukee Engagement

Dan & Stephanie | Third Ward Milwaukee Engagement

On this seldom warm and gorgeous March day in Milwaukee, I am transported back to a gorgeous engagement session I had with Stephanie and Dan in downtown Milwaukee last fall.  These two were full of laughs.  They were so fun to watch together. They tried to tell me they are bad at having their picture taken (which, by the way, everyone says!) but they couldn’t be more wrong.  I like to tell clients to just be themselves and sure enough we always get the best photos.

'Cute couple alert! | Wauwatosa Engagement Photography

Cute couple alert! | Wauwatosa Engagement Photography

Well it is almost Valentine’s Day so let’s pause and admire the cuteness of a couple in love.  All together now… “awwe!”  These two are amazingly cute and so fun!  They aren’t even engaged yet!  This shoot was to celebrate their fun-loving life together during one of the most beautiful seasons in Milwaukee.  It was a gorgeous fall afternoon in Wauwatosa for their easy-going smile fest and I can’t wait what else is in store for them — and you, dear reader!  I hope you have lots of fun and laughs and happy hearts this Valentine’s Day!