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'Cute couple alert! | Wauwatosa Engagement Photography

Cute couple alert! | Wauwatosa Engagement Photography

Well it is almost Valentine’s Day so let’s pause and admire the cuteness of a couple in love.  All together now… “awwe!”  These two are amazingly cute and so fun!  They aren’t even engaged yet!  This shoot was to celebrate their fun-loving life together during one of the most beautiful seasons in Milwaukee.  It was a gorgeous fall afternoon in Wauwatosa for their easy-going smile fest and I can’t wait what else is in store for them — and you, dear reader!  I hope you have lots of fun and laughs and happy hearts this Valentine’s Day!

'Hannah’s giving heart | Milwaukee Kid Photography

Hannah’s giving heart | Milwaukee Kid Photography

She came home from school extra excited that day.  She had that look in her eye.  I recognized it because I too have had that look on occasion.  She was inspired.  She had an unstoppable determination in her heart to get something done.  I was delighted to learn that it was sparked by the American Heart Association presentation of the Jump Rope for Heart program at her school.  It was the story of a little girl named Vivian who’s “heart doesn’t work right” that seemed to rev my Hannah’s altruistic spirit.  With absolutely no hesitation or self-doubt, she wanted to get to work and help kids like Vivian.  I was blown away. The best parts about her — her huge heart and strong mind shined through on that day and into her seventh birthday, which took place just a couple months later.