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'Angie | Chicago Entrepreneur Head Shots

Angie | Chicago Entrepreneur Head Shots

It’s not often that we find people who are strong, inspiring, and down-to-earth. It’s even more rare to call one of those people your good friends. Angie McMonigal has been a close friend for several years now.  She was one of my biggest fans while building up Chrissy Rose Photography when we launched in 2010. From one entrepreneur…one artist… to another, she knew when I needed a little extra support and she was always there.

'Professional Re-branding with Photos | Milwaukee Head Shot Photographer

Professional Re-branding with Photos | Milwaukee Head Shot Photographer

When it is time to rebrand your business and yourself, it is important to incorporate new photography as well.  When you are your brand, it is critical you put your best self out there.  Milwaukee is home to so many exceptional entrepreneurs and small businesses that need to keep this point in mind. Business consultant, Andy Gronik did just that.  We wanted to capture him in a more structured look and then a more approachable and casual look.  The variety is important for different uses. These were captured in one of CRP’s head shot mini sessions.  A low-risk price tag without sacrificing quality for start ups and re-branding initiatives.

'Ula Career Photos | Milwaukee Head Shot Photography

Ula Career Photos | Milwaukee Head Shot Photography

This amazingly smart and confident woman is finishing her education and entering into a new career.  And to help celebrate and support her amazing new journey, Ula decided some new professional head shot photos were in order.  So we headed into the Milwaukee studio and captured Ula as the confident and empowered career woman that she is.

'Becky | Milwaukee Head Shot Photographer

Becky | Milwaukee Head Shot Photographer

It is truly a brave thing to decide to make a career change. In fact, it is so scary that some people don’t go for their dreams in spite of hating their current career or job.  Life is a bit too short to be spending so much of it doing things you don’t love. Thinking of jumping ship from everything you are comfortable and maybe even really good at, is totally crazy, right? Except that it could mean that you find happiness in ways you never thought possible and feel more fulfilled then ever before.  It is not without its own stress, heart break and instability, but it is very cool to find yourself in the position to reinvent yourself.


'Laurie  |  Milwaukee Head Shot Photographer

Laurie | Milwaukee Head Shot Photographer

Meet Laurie. She is an amazing talent and a great friend.  I was so honored when she asked me to take some photos of her for her business.  Her goal with the shoot was to capture her personality so clients could instantly feel a connection with her.  I am not sure how any one could doubt Laurie, though.  She is truly one of the most genuine, talented, sincere and honorable people I have ever met.  She is truly wonderful — more wonderful than could ever be captured in a photo…but I gave it my best shot (pun intended – ha!).  After viewing these images, hopefully you will adore her just as much as I do!

'The World Needs You to Change It |  Milwaukee Headshot Photography

The World Needs You to Change It | Milwaukee Headshot Photography

One of the things I pride myself on is being a strong woman who supports, cheers on and empowers other strong women.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Every women should do it for their fellow sisters.  Except… it is pretty rare — especially in the working world.  I try to remember that women are pretty amazing.  We achieve incredible things every day whether we work outside the home, inside the home or both.  Most of us are juggling the demands of an outside career with the demands of family and home.  From getting our kids packed and off to school on time, to making that 10 AM deadline — all in 3-inch heels and a flawless face.  But we do it.  We wear all the hats we can possibly fit so that we can realize our dreams, make a difference in our community and make life great for our families and ourselves.  But sadly it seems some women don’t feel the same way.  Instead of empowerment, they discourage.  Instead of support, they bully.  Instead of cheering on, they slut shame.  In my previous career, a women I worked for actually told me her goal was to knock me down a few notches.  How sad is that?