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Celebrate Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is just a few days away!! And if you think running your own business is hard, try motherhood on for size. There is something to be said about all of the strong and beautiful mothers I know in my life.

There’s no time like the present to celebrate motherhood for all of its ups, downs, sweat, tears, and – it may be easy to forget sometimes – but don’t forget about the laughs and smiles that come with being a Mom!

From now through Mother’s Day, I am offering a special package for you to receive the ultimate pampering treatment! Or, if your loved one is reading this, consider treating Mom to an unforgettable afternoon.

'How to: display your photos

How to: display your photos

If you’re anything like me, you want to capture all of the big moments in your family’s life. Your walls and tables may be adorned with framed photographs, your shelves lined with photo albums, and each photograph holds a memory to be re-lived when you look at them.

If you’re also like me, you like to switch things up every once in awhile.

'Sabrina Collins | Milwaukee empowerment photographer

Sabrina Collins | Milwaukee empowerment photographer

March is a special month. Along with it being Women’s History Month, today is International Women’s Day. What does International Women’s Day mean to me? It means that while there is a special day to celebrate women, to me, it should be (and is) International Women’s Day every day. It also means that my mission to empower all women is more important than ever!

'New year, same me (but wiser)!

New year, same me (but wiser)!

2016 has been one heck of a year. It was a year of female empowerment: from Hillary’s powerful presidential campaign to the U.S. women’s gymnastics team winning gold at the summer Olympics to getting to see the sensational Adele live with my daughter, Hannah. It was also the year of surprises: the Cubs winning the world series after 108 years and the reign of Trump.

'Milwaukee Women Boudoir Stories: Chapter 1, My Story | Milwaukee Empowerment Photography

Milwaukee Women Boudoir Stories: Chapter 1, My Story | Milwaukee Empowerment Photography

Guess what internet world?  I am a boudoir photographer!  Yes, I take those kinds of pictures of women and I couldn’t be more proud of it.  Because here is the secret to those kinds of photos: the experience has very little to do with outward appearance and everything to do with a woman’s inner strength.  I have first hand knowledge…I have had boudoir photos taken of me on two separate occasions and I plan to keep doing it. As a boudoir photographer, I have heard some of the most amazing stories behind the why women have these photos taken of them. Their stories are so inspiring and I am incredibly honored to have been chosen as their photographer.  As you can imagine, most women are reluctant to allow me to share their intimate, beautiful photos from our sessions.  So instead I asked them if they would allow me to share their stories. A few agreed and I am starting a blog series to tell those stories.  I determined it was only fair if I shared my own first and here I am.  The women (and me) also posed for two additional photos to add as a visual component to their story.  The first is them sharing their why and the second is them telling me how they felt as a result.  This series is nothing short of empowering and I hope you will enjoy.

'Puerto Vallarta Photo Adventure | Chrissy Rose Photography

Puerto Vallarta Photo Adventure | Chrissy Rose Photography

We were all in need of some inspiration and some quality time together as friends, photographers and women.  The long mid-west winter was gone and spring was making its debut.  What loomed for us was the start of four very busy wedding photography seasons.  The idea was to retreat to someplace sunny and tropical and share ideas, inspiration and encouragement.  Mexico was calling our names.

'Hannah’s giving heart | Milwaukee Kid Photography

Hannah’s giving heart | Milwaukee Kid Photography

She came home from school extra excited that day.  She had that look in her eye.  I recognized it because I too have had that look on occasion.  She was inspired.  She had an unstoppable determination in her heart to get something done.  I was delighted to learn that it was sparked by the American Heart Association presentation of the Jump Rope for Heart program at her school.  It was the story of a little girl named Vivian who’s “heart doesn’t work right” that seemed to rev my Hannah’s altruistic spirit.  With absolutely no hesitation or self-doubt, she wanted to get to work and help kids like Vivian.  I was blown away. The best parts about her — her huge heart and strong mind shined through on that day and into her seventh birthday, which took place just a couple months later.

'A Fresh New Look | Chrissy Rose Photography

A Fresh New Look | Chrissy Rose Photography

If you are here, then you may have noticed our recent facelift!  We have been rolling out slowly and quietly, but it is now time to spotlight our changes.  I have several Milwaukee Wedding Photography seasons under my belt and I have been serving the Milwaukee area as Chrissy Rose Photography for 5 years now! (I know…hard to believe, right?)  And like any growing business we have come of age!  And it was time to show the world.