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'Sammi | Nicolet High School Class of 2017 Photographer

Sammi | Nicolet High School Class of 2017 Photographer

It is hard to believe that it is back to school already and that means a new graduating class is on its final year. And for Chrissy Rose Photography, that also means it is time for senior pictures for the class of 2017 at all the area high schools: Whitefish Bay High School, Nicolet High School, Shorewood High School, Homestead High School and many many more.  I had the awesome pleasure of working with Sammi, an incoming high school senior with the class of 2017 at Nicolet High School. 

'Konnor | Milwaukee High School Senior Photos

Konnor | Milwaukee High School Senior Photos

Music is my love language.  I absolutely love music and I can usually find common ground with just about anyone through music.  That was the case when I met class of 2016 high school senior, Konnor.  Konnor and I met on a chilly afternoon to capture his senior photos in downtown, Walker’s Point, Milwaukee.  He braved most of the chill in his short sleeves and was a great sport.  But as with many of the male high school seniors that I photograph, Konnor was not especially enthusiastic about the photo shoot.  But then I asked him about music and as it turns out, Konnor is a musician himself.  Instantly, I saw a more real and less guarded side of Konnor as he shared with me the kind of music he makes.  I am so thrilled that he has a passion that allows him to express himself. That kind of art is so empowering.  Bravo, Konnor! And as soon as Konnor started sharing, we were able to capture some really striking senior photos.  Here are some photos we captured from our class of 2016 senior portrait session.

'Sarah | Shorewood High School Graduation Photos

Sarah | Shorewood High School Graduation Photos

Shorewood High School senior, Sarah loves running. She runs cross country and track. And finds peace when her mind is focused on her running goals.  One thing I have learned about being a runner is that it takes a great deal of mental strength and focus.  I immediately recognized Sarah’s personal strength and endurance, but it wasn’t because I have ever seen Sarah on the track. It gleamed at me through her eyes. Her gorgeous brown eyes betray so much to the world about her heart and mind. And I instantly wanted to know more about her. Her story is fascinating and admirable.  At 4 months old she was united with her two loving moms who adopted Sarah from Guatemala.  She loves city living.  She loves meeting new people. She loves photography and art. She volunteers with children and is a part of many social clubs.  Sarah hopes to go to the University of Texas at Austin and someday go to law school.  This thoughtful, beautiful and determined young woman is running toward a very exciting life and I can’t wait to hear about all that she accomplishes.

'Maddie | Nicolet High School Senior Photography

Maddie | Nicolet High School Senior Photography

Class of 2016 student, Maddie has all the makings of success.  Smart, beautiful, athletic and, perhaps the trait she is most proud her, hard working.  Yes, Maddie describes her work ethic as her greatest trait. In addition to working hard in school and in sports, Maddie volunteers at St. Francis’ Children Center working hard to make a difference in the community.  She is certainly on the right path to make a difference well beyond the community.  During Maddie’s senior year, she will continue to work hard and unwavering strength and optimize.

'Gabi Class of 2016 | Whitefish Bay High School Senior Photographer

Gabi Class of 2016 | Whitefish Bay High School Senior Photographer

Her greatest memory from her high school career so far was actually not on the Whitefish Bay School campus at all. It was half way around the world on a school organized trip to Italy.  She and just eight others trekked through Venice, Assisi, Florence, Sorrento, and Rome.  And it was while sitting on the steps of the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence with the sun setting for the day,  eating gelato and swaying to a street performer strumming Santana on his guitar that incoming Whitefish Bay High School Senior, Gabi felt most alive and excited.

'Hanna Class of 2016 | Milwaukee Shorewood High School Senior Portraits

Hanna Class of 2016 | Milwaukee Shorewood High School Senior Portraits

There is something truly amazing about people who cheer on others.  In my opinion they usually have a genuine kindness in their hearts and enthusiasm for life.  Their positivity could quite possibly change the world because cheering on others can empower, motivate and energize someone and whether that is to win a game or be brave enough to make a hard decision…people that cheer for others are really special!

'Emily Class of 2015 | Milwaukee High School Senior Pictures

Emily Class of 2015 | Milwaukee High School Senior Pictures

Name: Emily
School: Homestead High
Graduating: 2015
What keeps me busy: Theater! Emily designs and creates costumes for her school theater program and plays piano.
My style: chic, unique and ready for the big city.
Listening: hard to pinpoint  her favorite kind of music, but Emily’s favorite bands are the Arctic Monkeys and Fun.

Make up and hair by the wonderful, Natasha McCoy at Mobile Makeup & Hair Professionals