How to: display your photos

How to: display your photos

If you’re anything like me, you want to capture all of the big moments in your family’s life. Your walls and tables may be adorned with framed photographs, your shelves lined with photo albums, and each photograph holds a memory to be re-lived when you look at them.

If you’re also like me, you like to switch things up every once in awhile.

Everyone needs some inspiration though and that’s why I’ve compiled this list of alternative ways to display your photos that shake things up from the traditional hanging frame approach:

Shelf display: Whether you stagger your shelves or align them side by side, mounting shelves and displaying your photos that way will give your photos that extra oomph they may need! You can keep them in the frame if you desire or consider printing out your photos and utilizing a series of white matte sleeves that will just make the color in each photo pop.


Frames should have a similar style, but not all the same size.
Overlap them in a balanced way
Use both landscape and portrait orientation images

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Folio box: There is something to be said for holding an individual photographic print in your hands. It is a wonderful way to connect with your photos. But let’s face it, a bunch of individual prints laying around is not practical. That is where the folio box comes in. It is a keepsake box that is elegant and functional. Folio boxes are designed to be displayed or tucked away. They hold your matted prints just like an album would, but you can remove and replace the photos in the box freely. So if you want gift a photo, rotate and hang the photos, or you can simply open up the box to show them off.

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Miniature gift albums: If you’re looking for a display option that is compact, easy to travel with (visiting the in-laws? dinner with the girls?), handheld, AND makes an excellent gift, look no further than a miniature gift album! Sure, these days, you can email your photos but there is nothing quite as memorable as a keepsake album that fits neatly on your bookshelf.

Have a painting made: Have your timeless photo made into an oil painting.  I recommend having an actual artist hand paint the image for a more authentic work of art.  I took a photo of my daughter when she was about 2 years old and my mother-in-law had that photo made into a beautiful oil painting.  It was such a gorgeous surprise!

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Gallery wall: Do a search of this on Pinterest and hundreds of things pop up. In fact, it is kind of overwhelming. And I think I know why. There are no real rules when it comes to a gallery wall. You can use all of the same types of frames or use a ton of different frames. You can stagger the photos or line them up precisely. I have used the gallery wall idea in a couple of different ways. In my formal living room at home, I printed my family photos in black and white on metal in long and narrow dimensions. Then I hung them side by side over a dominate credenza. It is a striking display.

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Another way I created a gallery wall is in my studio. I wanted to show off all the different ways that my work can printed and displayed. So I mixed it up radically on this wall. I display canvas gallery wraps right next to prints on bamboo right next to a metallic framed photo. One idea I have that I would love to create is a gallery wall with a variety of vintage ornate frames in different sizes, all painted one color. So the shape and style of the frame would vary it would be totally monochromatic.

A client and friend of mine has mastered the gallery wall!  She used all the same wood frames but changed up the sizes, orientation of the image and color and black and white.  Another reason I think her gallery wall really works is because she mixes traditional “looking at the camera” portraits with abstract and candid captures.  It is visually interesting and tells a more endearing story.


Remember there are no real rules – but once you decide on a rule for your wall stick with it
Mix up posed portraits and abstract/candid  moments

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