Reconnect | Milwaukee Empowerment Photography

Reconnect | Milwaukee Empowerment Photography

Reconnect with yourself.

What does that mean? I talk a lot of about reconnecting with yourself as a benefit of an Empowerment Photo Shoot with me. So why do I even connect the two?

For starters, I realized the values of reconnecting with myself only after I lost my connection.

When I went through my surgeries and my subsequent hormonal imbalances starting in 2010, I found myself completely disconnected from my body.

All of a sudden, everything was cloudy and hazy in my mind. My body felt heavy, like I was dragging bricks through mud. I felt sad.  I felt angry.  I was growing smaller within what felt like a foreign shell.

I slowly came back to reconnecting with myself. It was no easy rediscovery. I had to work for it. I had to demand it. I had to decide that it was important to me. I realized that confidence and strength were parts of my identity. I adopted new priorities for myself. I connected my exercise, a quiet mind and nutrition. I longed for inspiration and liveliness all around me. And I decided to start my new career as a photographer.

My career journey is for another blog post, but learning and growing into myself as a photographer played a huge role in me reconnecting with me.

It also connected me with other women with similar stories of struggle, sacrifice, recovery and rediscovery.  Other women searching and longing to reconnect with themselves.  And then I realized I possess a super power that could help them do just that.

An image captured, printed and presented to you of you is completely different from what you experience looking in a mirror.  The photo is you as how the most loving people in your life see you. It is how your significant other sees you.  As your kids see you. As your friends see you.  And you suddenly see yourself more lovingly too. And when you view yourself from a position of love, you see your truth and you have space to reconnect with yourself.  Isn’t that awesome?

An Empowerment Photo shoot with me is just one of the ways I have uncovered that work toward this. There are many other ways and different methods work for different people.  Here are five other easy ways I have found:

1. Unplug from distractions and breath

This one is really hard for me since my business relies on me being timely with communication and social posting.  But it is really special when you go off the grid a bit. Read a book. Get into some nature.  Listen to the birds chirping.

2. Use your brain in a different way

I have used this one for years.  I have taken drawing, cooking and dance classes, watched tons of YouTube tutorials and read articles about things that interest me and want to try.  Small example: I was never taught how to sew a button on to a shirt so I watched a YouTube video and now I don’t need to ask the cleaners to do this anymore. Big example: I took a conversational Spanish class through UW-Milwaukee Continuing Education.  No, I am not even conversational yet, but it challenged me and I feel reconnected with myself when I am challenged.

3. Journal

I recommend this to all my clients for at least a few days leading up to their empowerment photography session. I give them some guidance by prompting them to write about who she is in this moment, how she wants to see herself, which parts of herself she loves and which parts of herself has she lost and wants to reconnect with.  Visualization is powerful!  So is cleaning the clutter out of your brain.  I am all over the place with my journal writing.  The writing is sloppy and disorganized. I am NOT my best self in my journal. I work out things that are weighing on me so that once I get it out of my head I have some space for clarity.

4.  Music

I am all over the place with my musical tastes as well. But somehow I always find the perfect soundtrack for my soul.  From Classical to Gangster Rap. From Avett Brothers to Beyonce.  Sometimes I want to shout the lyrics and sometimes I just wanted to listen to there poetry.  And the absolute best is when I am in a profound moment and the perfect song pops into my head or on the radio…and then I always think of that moment when I hear that song.  When I went skydiving last summer the song “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful,” by Florence and the Machine started playing in my head as we floated toward the ground once the shoot opened.  It was magical.

5. Gaze

I know I am paying attention to myself when I find myself gazing…out the window, at the water, at the clouds, at the stars.  Just gazing. Finding time to do this is really hard. However a quiet sets into my brain that allows creative thoughts and strategic ideas flow in.  Simple but powerful.


So now it is your turn!  Do you have a practice for reconnecting with yourself?  Share below!

And if you try one of the ones I suggest.  How is it going?



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