Sarah & Matthew | Milwaukee’s south side wedding photographer

Sarah & Matthew | Milwaukee’s south side wedding photographer

Breakwaters exist to reduce the intensity of waves as well as provide safe harborage. They also tend to be beautiful spots.

We have some breakwaters along Lake Michigan that feature incredible stones stacked in perfect configuration. Between the crashing of waves and the gorgeous surroundings, they are some of my favorite spots on Lake Michigan.

It seems that is exactly what Matthew realized when he decided to propose to Sarah at the end of a breakwater on Lake Michigan just beyond popular Lincoln Memorial Drive along Milwaukee’s lakefront.

It is also why the couple chose South Shore Park in Bayview, Milwaukee’s south side, as the setting for their wedding day.  A perfect location overlooking the gorgeous third coast and watching the breakwaters do their thing.

It was a day of sparkling skies and incredible views. But none quite as incredible as the view of Matthew and Sarah coming together at their outdoor, lakeside altar and vowing their love and support for one another for the rest of their days.  

The bridesmaids wore a soft shade of peach, while the guys donned classic black tuxes complete with vest and bow tie.

The reception took place inside the South Shore Park Pavilion — above a beer garden! What more can you ask for? The classic brick walls, exposed beam ceiling and rounded windows offered an old worldly feel. The variety of music played during the reception was awesome! It was so enticing. In fact, I even saw people outside of the pavilion enjoying the music as it floated into the air. It was like a community party and I know Sarah and Matthew love that since Bayview is their hometown and the people there are their people.

It was a truly magical day filled with laughter, sweet smiles, dancing and so much love. But, view it for yourself below :). 



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